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¿Who are we?

Professionalism, enthusiasm, proximity. 

At Egan Relocation we’re specialists in finding the perfect place for you. 

We’re a young and enthusiastic team who knows Barcelona like the back of our hand. We know the neighbourhoods and their peculiarities. We’re aware of the latest trends and opportunities of Barcelona’s rental market, with the aim to realise an optimal relocation, consultation and search of accommodations which adapt to your preferences and budget.


Our aim is to help you find the ideal place for you to live in Barcelona and make your relocation experience quick and uncomplicated. Therefore we offer support throughout the negotiations and offer legal advice  to guarantee that the rental contract sticks to the current legislation. 


Your peace of mind is our priority! 

EGAN TEAM_1_Blanco.jpg

Egor Xepkin

Global Account Manager

EGAN TEAM_4_Blanco.jpg

Roxana Corbi

Relocation Consultant

EGAN TEAM_9_Blanco.jpg

Valeria Morozova

Relocation Consultant

EGAN TEAM_2_Blanco.jpg

Iván Hernández

Global Account Manager

EGAN TEAM_10_Blanco.jpg

Pol Cantarero

Relocation Consultant

EGAN TEAM_7_Blanco.jpg

Francesc Moreno

Relocation Consultant

EGAN TEAM_3_Blanco.jpg

Alfons Rovira

Account Assistant

EGAN TEAM_6_Blanco.jpg

Óscar Ayllón

Relocation Coordinator

EGAN TEAM_11_Blanco.jpg

Benoit Fernandez

Relocation Coordindator

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